Review – Epsilon 1 – : “I was out of breath after the first few listenings!! YOU MUST HEAR THIS!!”



Epsilon 1

Mastermind and multi musician Jeff Hamel (guitars & Keyboards) once again leads his band of brilliant co-horts into the realm of pomp, symphonic prog and power rock!!

Starting of with: “Chariots” beginning with counter notes, soon to become a high powered prog/metallic tune! A very good start of this album (indeed any album!) with a towering musical crescendo and an interlude that point out the brilliance of the chosen invited guest vocal! Yes, Hamel have invited superb guest vocalist´s such as: Chris Hodges/Celine Derval/and the brilliant: Marc Atkinson (Nine Stones Close..amongt others) and David Gagle! This is an album that is full of brilliant prog tunes, with tendency to pomp/power rock!! Yes..just like we love it!!

The production is top notch, the sound clear and crisp!

This is an almost perfect sounding release, with musical delivery of the utmost high class! With diversity, stylish arrangements and superb tunes!

As you have gathered, since the tittle of this delicate release is: EPSILON 1.

There is an EPSILON 2 !!? Indeed there are and a review coming!!

Meanwhile enjoy this excellent album! A perfect way to start your day and a perfect way to enjoy yet another brilliant prog/pomp/power rock album!

Jeff Hamel delivers absolutely brilliant guitars and keyboard themes along the way!

To be honest, there is nothing as such, new here, but man what an album !! I was out of breath after the first few listenings!! YOU MUST HEAR THIS!!

Tonny Larsen

January 16, 2015

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