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We have several digital releases free to download. If you like what you hear, come back and pick up our commercial releases and support progressive rock!!  




Labyrinth (2011) – With all the musical twists and turns Majestic fans have grown accustomed to, Labyrinth features three epic tracks for your prog enjoyment.  Fans of Arrival and Ataraxia definitely don’t want to miss this. Download Labyrinth



Jessica Rasche – Vocals
Jeff Hamel – Guitars, Keyboards
John Wooten – Drums
Scott Hamel – Bass (Labyrinth)
Jerry Swan – Bass (Mosaic)


Labyrinth 31:40
Mosaic 15:16
Phoenix Rising 14:20

 Cover art is provided by Mark Mayers


Clover Suite

Clover SuiteClover Suite (2009) – Clover is an collection of tracks consisting of 4 songs. We are offering this little EP for free via download. This was release around the same time as Arrival to reflect the sound of that album. Download Clover Suite

All music composed and performed by Jeff Hamel
Vocals by Jessica Rasche


Clover I – 8:39
Clover II – 9:44
Clover III – 7:25
Clover IV – 4:47


String Theory

STString Theory (2008) – One of my very early works. This was created before I started really utilizing outside musicians. Although the music is solid, I felt the vocals were weak especially since I sang on most of this. I took this release off my site a while back but enough requests came in so I am releasing as a free download.You have been warned!! 🙂  Download String Theory


Jeff Hamel / Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals

Guest Musicians:
Di / Vocals (6, 12)
Elzbieta / Flute (7)

Tracks Listing


1. Crossroads (8:59)
2. Guide (7:49)
3. Circles (7:54)
4. Maiden Voyage (8:13)
5. Breathe (5:34)
6. Worlds Apart Ft DI (6:14)
7. Tonight Ft Elzbieta (7:22)
8. Restless (6:23)
9. Isles (5:54)
10. My Dear (3:44)
11. Tonight (Acoustic version)
12. World Apart (Acoustic Version)

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6 thoughts on “

  1. Alessandro

    Phoenix Rising has been a real surprise for me. Great music. If you expect to come in Italy let me know where you are going to play!
    bye bye

  2. Majestic Songs Post author

    Thanks Alessandro, we appreciate the kind words.:) Phoenix Rising is part of our free downloadable Labyrinth CD. If you haven’t got it yet, just look under the discography for Labyrinth and go grab it. Thanks again!!

  3. Justin

    It’s so nice to hear good progressive rock that isn’t made by a band formed in the ’70s! Thanks for the great music!

  4. Tom B

    Great music you guys make. Really like it all. Very generous of you to make such a large amount of your catalog available as free downloads.
    I for one have always purchased as much of your new releases as I could find, but, the freebies here have truly filled out my Majestic catalog. Too cool of you.

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