V.O.Z. – Dec 2012

Over two years in the making, Majestic has unleashed their greatest masterpiece, V.O.Z. This new double CD is more ambitious than any of our previous CDs to date. Produced by Jeff Hamel, Jeff features a brand new lineup of fantastic artists on V.O.Z.  Handling vocals for the new CD are David Cagle, Tara Morgan, Chris Hodges, and Celine Derval. These incredibly talented vocalists bring a very outstanding dynamic performance to V.O.Z, which heightens the already dramatic compositions Majestic is well-known for.

Handling drums and percussion, Jeff is joined by master drummer Mike Kosacek. Mike’s killer chops, and technical ability to improvise, made him the perfect fit for this CD.  The artwork for the new album is handled by none other than the surrealist artistic wizard, Vladimir Moldavsky. Some of you may know Vladimir’s work with the Proximal Distance project.

As in Majestic tradition, we always try to out do the previous releases. The album V.O.Z. is no exception. With new talent, better songwriting, and more focus on production, we think we set the bar pretty high! Majestic fans will not be disappointed!

Let the voyage begin….




In Memory of …
VOZ I – New World
VOZ II – Crossing Meridian
VOZ III – Approaching Storm
VOZ IV – Milestone
VOZ V – Whispers
VOZ VI – Freefall
VOZ VII – Darkened Worlds
VOZ VIII – Rise to the Surface
VOZ IX – Skies Clear
VOZ X – Voyage Ends


Zosimos Sleeps
Spirits Dwell
Around the Sun
Becoming (Reprise)
Red Skies


Produced by
Jeff Hamel

Jeff Hamel – Guitars, Keyboards
Mike Kosacek – Drums, Percussion

David Cagle
Tara Morgan
Chris Hodges
Celine Derval

Vladimir Moldavsky

Steve Carrao at Sage Audio

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Mark Johnson/Sea of Tranquility

Wow! Just when it looked like the year was going to close unceremoniously, along comes something literally majestic. Over two years in the making…and for us fans…waiting. But it was worth it. Everything you could possibly want. Long instrumental tracks, great vocals, incredible keys, powerful drums, ripping guitar, soft slow acoustic, piano…it’s all here.If you’re new to Majestic, this is a great place to start. If not, what are you waiting for…go and add this to the rest of their discography.


Mat Sgattoni – Aural Moon (N.M.O.M airdate 12-31-12)

Majestic hit another home run this year with VOZ. And I think it is the best thing from 2012 for this reporter. A masterpiece doesn’t come by very often but here is one now.


Kemma – StillLife.nl

Everything you could wish for, long instrumental solos, strong vocals, powerful drums and screaming guitars to beautiful symphonic synth work, it’s all there. For fans of this genre that Majestic not know, this is a wonderful CD to your collection with to start. And for those who know Majestic, this album really hits all 6 previous albums, a true masterpiece where heart and soul is inserted. This you can not miss.


Pete Pardo/Sea of Tranquility

Plenty of sizzling musicianship to be found here, as Hamel is actually a very good guitar & keyboard player, and the vocals, especially from Tara Morgan, David Cagle, and Celine Derval, are spot on. Though there’s a lot of material to get through here, but it’s all well done and quite enjoyable for all the adventurous prog listeners out there.


Peter Cox/Your Music Blog

Despite of all the mood shifts and influences I got sucked in right away. The quiet parts are often hauntingly beautiful and send shivers down your spine. And it does not matter if it is instrumental or vocal! Also the more rocking bits still fit the overall feel of the album. It is just as if all this variety takes you on a journey and makes you dream of distant shores (or whatever your favourite destination is) and you just never wanna leave…



I was actually quite impressed with how original Majestic’s music sounds; I can’t think of any other band to compare this to, so kudos to Jeff Hamel for managing to create something new and unique in the progressive rock world!


Frank Bender/Ragazzi-music.de

“What more could you want? The next time a quadruple-CD!”


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  1. Carl

    The sample sounds great. I’ll definitely be checking this realease out. I hope you’ll get it posted up on ProgStreaming.

  2. Marcel

    It’s worth waiting. A exellent dubbel CD. The new year could not better start. Greets from Amsterdam and thanks.

  3. Jessica

    VOZ is nothing short of amazing! I don’t believe that there are allot of musicians out there that can up their last piece of work like Hamel does! Every album from Majestic, has something different to offer the listener. By adding several new musicians to this album Hamel has certainly added to his beautifully artistic work! I love everything about this CD! Roll out the red carpet, and hand him an award for this amazing piece of work! Highly recommended and ******!

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