We are proud to announce the release of our Instrumentals Collection available for free download. As fans of instrumental music, we thought it would be fun to release a collection of our favorite previously released instrumental pieces. These tracks are from our a few of our previous CDs. If you are a first time listener of Majestic, we hope this collection will give you an idea of what some of our albums sound like. Whether a first time listener or long time fan be sure to stop by our website, Facebook, Twitter, etc and let us know your thoughts on this new release. We love hearing from you. 

Initially, we will be offering this collection from our website as a free download in the MP3 128kbps format. For us that are audiophiles, we will also have a HQ download (256kbps, MP3/FLAC) available on our bandcamp site for $5 usd. In addition to the HQ download, bandcamp users can stream the HQ versions via the bandcamp app on various devices. The HQ bandcamp download will have over an extra half hour of bonus tracks available too.

We hope you enjoy this collection of our music. If you do enjoy this, please help us by spreading the word of this release all over the internet at your favorite prog rock sites. Thanks again for your continued support!! We are looking forward to bringing you some new music very soon. 

All the best…

Jeff Hamel


 ~ Free Download ~

Free Download MP3 128kbps

HQ Bandcamp Version with Bonus Tracks

Note: Click the link above to begin download. The free version is about 71MB and will take a few minutes to download.

Track List

1. Spirits Dwell 08:16 – Originally released on: V.O.Z. (2012)
2. Dance of the Elders 08:24 – Originally released on: Ataraxia (2010)
3. The Journey Back 06:07 – Originally released on: Epsilon 2 (2014)
4. Modus Operandi 7 07:17 – Previously unreleased 2014
5. Becoming (Reprise) 06:43 – Originally released on: V.O.Z. (2012)
6. Astral Dream 07:32 – Originally released on: Ataraxia (2010)
7. Rise to the Surface 06:10 – Originally released on: V.O.Z. (2012)
8. Skies Clear 03:30 – Originally released on: V.O.Z. (2012)
9. Doorways 07:46 – Originally released on: Epsilon 1 (2014)
10. Hyperbole 09:14 – Originally released on: V.O.Z. (2012)

**** Bonus Tracks (HQ version only)****
11. Algol 07:52 – Originally release on Proximal Distance (2010)

12. Rise 09:20 – Demo, Previously unreleased 2007
13. Phoenix Rising 14:24 – Originally released on: Labyrinth (2011)



Guitar, Keyboards – Jeff Hamel
Vocals – Celine Derval (5)
Vocals – Jessica Rasche (6)
Guitar, Keyboards – Gregg Johns (11)
Drums – Mike Kosacek (1,3,4,5,7,9,10)
Drums – John Wooten (2,6,13)
Drums – Jeremy Mitchell (11)

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