Epsilon Anthology

Majestic proudly announces the release of a new double CD space odyssey titled Epsilon. Building off the success of our 2012 V.O.Z release, Epsilon promises to deliver what progressive rock fans will call a favorite of 2014. Jeff Hamel is joined by the amazing Mike Kosacek on drums to create a sonic landscape rich in texture and depth. Jeff and Mike are supported by a very talented cast. Beginning with the artwork, french graphic artist Jonathan Maurin (Aeon Lux) handles visuals. Joining us for vocals is V.O.Z alumni David Cagle (Liberty & Justice), Celine Derval (Scythia) and Chris Hodges (Every Living Soul).  Majestic veteran Jessica Rasche returns to make a special cameo appearance. Finally, we introduce Marc Atkinson (Riversea, Nine Stones Close, Mandalaband) who contributes his amazing voice to Majestic.  

Epsilon landing4-650x290

Epsilon is a two part space odyssey loosely based upon the star Epsilon which is part of the Eridanus (The River) constellation.  

In Greek mythology, the constellation is associated with the story of Phaëton (or Phaëthon), the son of the Sun god Helios and the Oceanid Clymene. Phaëton wanted to drive his father’s chariot across the sky and kept begging for Helios’ permission to do so until the god agreed, advising Phaëton to follow the beaten track where he saw wheel marks.Phaëton mounted the chariot and the horses, sensing that the driver was lighter, flew upwards into the sky, leaving the familiar track behind. The inexperienced driver could not control the horses and the reins slipped from his hands. The chariot plunged so close to the Earth that lands caught fire. It is said that this was how Libya became a desert, Ethiopians got dark skin, and the seas dried up. Zeus saw what was going on and had to intervene to prevent further disaster. He struck Phaëton down with a thunderbolt and, when Phaëton’s hair caught on fire, he leapt from the chariot and fell into the Eridanus. His father Helios, stricken with grief, did not drive his chariot for days, leaving the world in darkness.

Thousands of years later is where our story of Epsilon begins. 


Tracklist (With Vocalist)


Chariots (CH)
Mother Dearest (CD)
Starlight (MA)
Epsilon I – Event Horizon (DC)
Epsilon II – Doorways
Epsilon III – Samskaras (DC)


Epsilon IV – Generations
Epsilon V – The River (Eridanus) (CH)
Epsilon VI – Incandescence (CH)
Epsilon VII – Ancient Echos (DC)
Epsilon VIII – The Journey Back
Epsilon IX – Welcome Home (JR)
Epsilon X – Convergence (CH,DC)
Epsilon XI – Rise (CH)
Epsilon XII – Fade


Produced by
Jeff Hamel

Jeff Hamel – Guitars, Keyboards
Mike Kosacek – Drums, Percussion

Chris Hodges
Celine Derval
Marc Atkinson
David Cagle
Jessica Rasche

Jonathan Maurin

Steve Carrao at Sage Audio





Check out more sounds from Epsilon on our Listen page!!!

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