Ataraxia – Release 2010

We are pleased to announce the next CD from Majestic, named Ataraxia! This next CD continues the evolution of Majestic with new musicians contributing throughout. This new exciting lineup produced by Jeff Hamel and featuring the powerful voice of Jessica Rasche, brings in Chris Nathe on Drums and also features cameo appearances by John Wooten (Drums), Gregg Johns (Guitar), Jerry Swan (Bass) and Jeremy Hamel (Acoustic Guitar). Ataraxia is marked with much more of a dynamic sound than its predecessor Arrival, which should please all fans of progressive rock. Containing 11 new tracks, the CD has 3 definitive movements each with its own flavor of progressive influences, ranging from hard rock to ambient, and everything in between. Recorded in Minneapolis and Mastered by Channel Fuse Media. Ataraxia is a CD worth checking out…..

 Ataraxia Cover

Track Listing

Star Bound
Astral Dream
Dance of the Elders
Takes My Breath Away (2010)
Altered State


Jeff Hamel – Guitars/Keyboards
Jessica Rasche – Vocals
Gregg Johns – Guitars
Jerry Swan – Bass
Chris Nathe – Drums
John Wooten – Drums

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This is easily one of the best albums of 2010. Full of intensity. An interesting story which holds your attention throughout. Some of the best keyboards and guitar licks of the year. The synth work is just amazing. There is nothing missing. Glad I took a chance on buying this CD. It will definitely be in my top five albums of the year. Heavy in parts and soft and airy in others. Just the right mix. Jessica’s vocals are fantastic. Jeff’s keys and guitars fill this epic with interesting new chords and dynamic play. I have added this band to my watch list and I am now in search of their back catalog. Highly recommended! – Sea of Tranquility
The band’s latest CD ‘Ataraxia’ has surprisingly been released on the Russian label MALS, although on the other hand this label has already released a lot of other records as well. Still it is nice to see a small US band being signed to a Russian label and I can safely say that this is a high quality record that can be listened to over and over again as each time one can hear something of interest. – Strutterzine
” Ataraxia “A nice drive, which, with a good glass of wine and a comfy chair, can be a winning combination of these next few nights, warm in these cold winter. – Music in Belgium
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