Guest Musicians

Jeff Hamel


Growing up in Detroit, Majestic’s Jeff Hamel was influenced and mentored by the former guitarist of Sponge, Joey Mazzola, who is known for MTV hits “Plowed” and “Molly”.  Jeff graduated from the Recording Institute of Detroit studying under Motown greats Robert Dennis and Harold Bowles while playing guitar for various bands in Detroit and later in Minneapolis. In 2007 the Majestic project was born and within a year, two different labels showed interest in releasing Majestic CDs.

258895_10150201731028850_2880814_o Subsequently, Descension was released by MALS Ltd and String Theory was released by Andromeda Recordings. Unfortunately these two earlier releases did not do well with the critics resulting in the 2009 recruitment of the powerful vocals of Jessica Rasche. After months of recording, the highly acclaimed release Arrival was born and so was the subsequent EP Clover Suite.  Arrival was release by MALS, LTD and saw a turn towards a more progressive sound with longer epic tracks.  Jeff kept the trend going with Ataraxia and Labyrinth by bringing in additional musicians for drums, bass, and guitars.


VOZ took on a life of its own in the 2 years it took to write, record and release resulting in an epic double CD. Recruiting different vocalists on VOZ gives an eclectic listening experience welcomed by critics and fans alike. Handling vocals for the new CD are David Cagle, (Liberty-N-Justice, February Fallen), Celine Derval, (Scythia), Tara Morgan and Chris Hodges. VOZ includes the impressive drumming of Mike Kosacek. The artwork for the album is handled by none other than the surrealist artistic wizard, Vladimir Moldavsky.

After the success of VOZ, Jeff began recording the Epsilon CD’s. Joined by the same crew as VOZ, Jeff also recuited Marc Atkinson (Riversea, Mandalaband) for a guest appearance. We also saw a visit from Jessica Rasche on one of the tracks. The 2014 release promises to be a favorite of progressive rock fans everywhere.

Looking forward, Majestic continues to grow internationally and into one of the hottest bands in progressive rock.  Jeff is in the studio now, writing and recording the follow-up to Epsilon.

 Guest Musicians

Here are all the wonderful musicians who have appeared on Majestic albums.

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